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Author Topic: Guide To Tutorial Missions  (Read 7140 times)

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Guide To Tutorial Missions
« on: August 28, 2009, 10:53 PM »

2.0 Introduced the Landing Pad. Below is a list of the tutorials and the prizes awarded.

Welcome to SmallWorlds:  400 tokens, 60 explorer xp (Summary: Sit, watch video, say something)

Basic training
Basic Training: 800 tokens, 100 explorer xp (Summary: Emotes, sitting opening gates, etc)

Hang Out Pod
Finding and Making Friends: 80 tokens, 20 social status xp (Summary: Sit at Rachaael's tea Room, add her to your friend list.)
Refreshments Anyone?: 120 tokens, 60 social status xp (Summary: Buy and drink coffee at Rachael's Tea Room, Buy and eat pizza at Big Al's Diner.)
A Quick Dip: 240 tokens, 80 xp (Summary: Sit in a hot tub with 3 others at the Thermae Spa)
Enjoy the Great Outdoors: 480 tokens, 160 social status xp (Summary:  Play a couple holes of mini golf at White Sands Resort and tell a fireside ghost story by the camp fire at The Island)
All About XP: 160 tokens, 40 social status xp (Summary: Find a couple items at Mysterio's, emote, say something, use Share to invite a friend)
Dance Party:480 tokens, 120 social status xp  (Summary: Go to Cue Club and dance with 10 other people.  Yes, 11 in total)
Pet Owner: 80 tokens, 40 social status xp (Summary: Create pet or take existing pet to homespace.)

My Room Pod
Home Decoration: 120 tokens, 30 explorer xp  (Summary: Rename homespace, change floor and wallpaper)
Head to the Shops: 720 tokens, 10 explorer xp (Summary: Go to SmallWorlds Emporium)
Buy a New Chair: 40 tokens, 10 explorer xp (Summary: Buy any chair using tokens in SmallWorlds Emporium)
Furnishing: 160 tokens, 40 explorer xp (Summary: Place chair in homespace, move it and sit.)
Window to the World 1: 750 tokens,  10 explorer xp  (Summary: Go to Modern Living)
Window to the World 2: 40 tokens, 10 explorer xp (Summary: Buy tilt window at Modern Living)
Window to the World 3: 160 tokens, explorer 40 xp (Summary: Place window in homespace, change window settings and security.)
Snapshot:  40 tokens, 10 explorer xp (Summary: Take and save a snapshotof your homespace)

Game Pod:
Gaming 101: 480 tokens, 40 gamer xp (Summary: Score 150 on Blox at Spacies Fun Zone)
Pool: 240 tokens, 60 gamer xp (Summary: Play a game of tournament pool at Pirate Cove)
Checkers: 240 tokens, 120 gamer xp (Summary: Play a challenge game of checkers at Thermae Spa, wager 10 tokens)
Fast Draw: 240 tokens, 120 xp and pea shooter weapon.  (Summary: Play a Tournament game of fast draw at Fun Spot.)
Arena Central: ?? tokens, 40 gamer xp (Summary: Watch 2 videos.)
Play Tombstone: (game being fixed)

Creative Pod
Creative Headspace: 440 tokens, 30 artist xp, Flickr poster (Summary: Look at painting, change walls and floor in homespace.)
Create a Slide Show: 320 tokens, 60 artist xp, graffiti wall (Summary: Hang Flicker poster and add an image to it.)
So You Want to Be an Artist:  320 tokens, 60 artist xp (Summary: Hang graffiti wall and draw for 3-4 minutes.)
Who Turned Out the Lights 1?: 0 tokens 0 xp, torch (Summary: Go to Grim's Midnight Egg Hunt room)
Who Turned Out the Lights 2?: 240 tokens, 60 artist xp (Summary: Hold torch, Find 1 egg)
Magic and Tricks: 240 tokens, 20 artist xp (Summary: Buy and use bubble head spell)
Fun With Fireworks: 240 tokens 20 artist xp (Summary: Buy personal fireworks show, change homespace lighting, use personal fireworks show.)

Advanced Training Pod
Advanced Training: 355 tokens, 52 explorer xp (Summary: Learn basics of interactions, reporting, room security, etc. )

Will add more as time permits.  No need to win at pool, checkers, fast draw.

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