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Author Topic: Wizard 101 game info for Mystery Red  (Read 8315 times)

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Wizard 101 game info for Mystery Red
« on: June 03, 2012, 04:43 PM »

For Mystery Red (and any others reading lol)  I do play on Wizard 101 where a lot of us still play as well.  Players from the disboards who also played on vmk.  We were part of that crowed who went around beta testing everything when vmk closed.  For myself I finally chose vfk and the wizard game.  I know others who stayed with other games.  I know Out of my Mind, and Coriander play on wizard. Also Green Mimi and Fly and Cynthia (whose vmk name I cannot remember) There are others I see occasionally.  So if you want to try it out just go to wizard101.com.   There is also a forum titled wizard101central.com if you want to see what some of the info is on the game. :)


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Re: Wizard 101 game info for Mystery Red
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2012, 03:06 PM »

Hi Kim (and anyone else peeking at this),
I try to look around this forum weekly and saw this post re: Wiz101.  I just had to post as I am pretty much the same as you Kim, played since beta and really just play Wiz 101 these days (daily and to much actually lol).  I pop on VFK and even Smallworlds at times but it is always empty of people I know.  I even made a Twitter account for Wiz, so if anyone else uses that and wants to follow/be followed let me know.
Come on and try Wizard 101 everyone.  We have cake!  It is free to play for the first handful of levels/areas so there is plenty of chance to test it out.  It is NOT just about fighting bad guys, there are houses, pets, gardens, crafting, pvp...  It is child friendly, nothing gross and there are a few levels of chat so it is pretty well moderated.
If you have questions or want to add my just ask away! I can send you a true friend code to find me easily.
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