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Author Topic: Havendish - Click Black Feather Quill to GET CAMP Badge  (Read 2015 times)

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New info again: non members can click on feather quill and get this badge also.  But only members can get the outfits also.  There is like a little table with a paper and a black feather quill.  In Havendish Square this table with quill is between the Porter for "Neverfruit Grove" and their "Pixie Postings" board just under the FairyTale Theater Entrance....

"Fly with you, campers -- welcome to Camp Pixie Dust! Be sure to fly into Havendish Square today to get your Happy Camper badge by clicking on the feather quill to sign up for camp. Once you're signed up, you can flap on over to the flitterific Ballroom pool (where Members can pick up their first gift of the summer: a pixie-sized mask and snorkel), tell a campfire story in Fairy Tale Theater, or flap on over to Cassie's Costumes to pick out a Talent Troop outfit!"

Happy Camper Badge
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Re: Havendish - Click Black Feather Quill to GET CAMP Badge
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Thanks Fun!     :hug:

Added pics to first post.   ;)
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