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Author Topic: Members vs Non Members : or Badges vs Basic Badges  (Read 1824 times)

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Members vs Non Members : or Badges vs Basic Badges
« on: June 21, 2010, 04:41 PM »

Seems like Disney will be chasing more people away from another game.  They are limiting the badges even more so that non-members will be able to obtain. I went in and checked the "book for our badges/clothes/etc" and found that even gathering these flowers/acorns/raspberries/etc will no longer be a beneift it seems.  Here's the latest:

Are you ready for summer fun? Camp Pixie Dust kicks off on June 21, and with it comes lots more to do in the Hollow! You'll be able to whisper to all of your friends at once, so you can meet up at one of Camp Pixie Dust's activities in the meadows - a new one will be added each week!

"Throughout the summer, Members will get brand-new hairstyles, outfits, badges, and even the ability to choose new colors for wardrobe items they already own! They will also have access to all of Pixie Hollow's talent games and badges.

As part of this change, free players will still be able to play easy levels on many talent games. There will also be changes made to the badge system. There will continue to be a set of starter badges that everyone can earn. If you want access to the complete set of talent games and all of Pixie Hollow's badges you will need to be a Member.

Click here to see everything you get as a Member of Pixie Hollow!"
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