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Author Topic: Flamanar "Desperado" video  (Read 2965 times)

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Flamanar "Desperado" video
« on: December 26, 2009, 02:09 PM »

This is the last video I've made so far.  I always loved the song...even though it's sad.  In fact, the ending is so sad, that my 8-year-old daughter cried when she saw me making it and asked me to change the ending to something happy.  :(  She still won't come in the room if the video happens to be playing on my laptop.

This video was a challenge to make in several different areas.  I wanted to use the Outback in VFK for part of it...but I hate the Martian landscape there (it's all purple lol).  So I did change some of the colors of certain areas of VFK:  one of the outback rooms and Ned Kellys shack.  At Ned Kellys, I also changed the water color to something more realistic...rather than it's current color...which looks like it's toxic waste floating by the shack.  LOL.  Still not totally happy with the 'new color'...but I was spending too much time on it and eventually let it go.  I also took Neds name off the shack.  I did leave the purple color for the Outback room used in the opening pic.  I needed people to really notice the switch from the 'old film reel' video transitioning into the present.  The paddock was also a challenge to use.  When you move around in there, everything else moves, too.  Makes it EXTREMELY difficult to take a series of shots with flowing changes in them.  I also had to manually remove all the thin white lines that show on the ground there...which was a headache.  I asked Pixie to make a nice indoor cabin scene, and she did an excellent job with it.  Thanks Pix!  I also borrowed her Sir Gobbles for a cameo.  The pictures of the cards are enlarged pics from the Solitaire games.  Had to touch them up so they looked like single cards.  That was a pain.   The "credits:  00000" was also a pain, believe it or not!  When enlarged, there were alot of 'artifacts' that showed up.  I spent a fair amount of time 'cleaning up the pic' and adding the 0's.  Blech.  The 'mirror' sequence is my favorite...and one of my proudest moments since I started making videos!  It was UBER tricky to pull off.  Probably took the longest to make that sequence than any other part of the video.  Looked great when it was done, though.  The scene where a bunch of women are talking around the main character and saying "Freedom" was also a pain.  I looked up on the 'net some western names that were popular in the old west.  Getting the chat in the bubbles to look right was a pain...still not totally happy with the way it looks, but it's a quick shot...so I let it pass.  The final section with the women and the "let somebody love you" part of the song was crazy hard.  I had to sit the guy down so he stayed in the same place for the sequence.  If I stood him up, it was too easy to accidentally move him a smidge and wreck the flow of the sequence.  It was also difficult to make the heart 'walk' in a realistic fashion.

Even though the video could have been better (I'm a perfectionist...sigh), I still love the way it turned out in the end.  I get chills everytime I see the ending...which is exactly what I wanted to happen ;)  Enjoy.


If anyone has questions about how to make videos, fire away.  I'll be glad to help.

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Re: Flamanar "Desperado" video
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2009, 02:21 PM »

OMG, that IS sad!!  :cry:

Great video though.  DH & I love that song too!
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Re: Flamanar "Desperado" video
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2009, 02:32 PM »

Very nice video Flame. Love the visual representation of the song - you should be really happy with it!  :thumb:
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