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Author Topic: Panda GoodQuest Open to ALL elves -coming in July  (Read 6361 times)

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Panda GoodQuest Open to ALL elves -coming in July
« on: June 25, 2009, 06:26 PM »

Got an email today from Elf Island. Seems the Panda Quest which is next will be open to all elves.  News is as follows:

"New GoodQuest open to all Elves!
Giant Pandas are in need of help.  There are only approximately 1,600 living today!  Because of this great need, Elf Island is opening the Panda GoodQuest to all.  You can help save the Giant Pandas.  By playing, you will support the care of a real panda.  Keep an eye out for member's only give-aways and in-store items"

Now, what I wonder is the last line "member's only give-aways and in-store items." Does that mean give-aways from the Panda Quest for 'x' number of level reached will be members only? Or because they will open the Panda quest to all that the give-aways and in-store stuff will be for members only?  Sometimes I think that our information from VFK is better than the Elf info.  :lolg:
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