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Author Topic: Easter Melody Hunt  (Read 825 times)

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Easter Melody Hunt
« on: April 19, 2020, 01:48 PM »

Easter Melody Hunt

1.  Spring forward and find your next melody!  Happy Easter!

2.  Congratulations, you have found the Easter Melody!  Bunnies hopping along a bunny trail bring lots of chocolate to all near!

3.  Peeptastic job, keep up the good work!  Hop on to your next melody!

4.  Baa!  Baa!  Baa!!  Went the little spring lambs, frolicking in the meadow!  Congratulations!

5.  Hug a bunny and send your love to someone dear this Easter near!  Happy Easter!

6.  Congratulations!  Peep like a chick and spread the Easter cheer!

7.  Leap!   Leap!  Leap!  Went the bouncy little bunny!  Good luck finding your next Easter Melody!  Congratulations!

8.  Little ducklings are near and spreading lots of cheer, waddle like one and spread the fun!  Congratulations, you have found the Easter Melody!

9.  Peep!  You found another Easter Melody!  Congratulations!

10. Bow!  Wow!  Wow!  Went the playful spring puppies!  They're excited you found this Easter Melody!  Congratulations!

11. Flowers are pushing up their sleepy heads and welcoming the new day!  Happy Easter, good luck!

12. Happy hopping to your next melody!  Happy Easter!

13. Hop like a bunny to a bunny hole, in search of the next Easter Melody!  Happy Easter!

14. Spring is in the air!  Spread the sunshine and waddle like a duckling to your next Easter Melody!  Happy Easter!

15. Peep!  Peep!  Peep!  It's Peep Time and you've had a swell find!  Congratulations!

16. Apricot trees have popcorn for leaves, pop on over to your next Easter Melody!  Congratulations!

17. Hippety Hoppety, hop onto your next melody!  Congratulations!

18. The sun is shining every day; clouds never get in the way for Easter Melody hunting!  Happy Easter!

19. Meow!  Meow!  Meow!  Went the little spring kittens, they're very proud of your find!  Congratulations!

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