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Post by: funfly on October 21, 2017, 04:19 PM
special notation for scavenger hunts....

Due to my limited time for being in game and therefore more limited time in posting, I might not be able to make a separate post just for the scavenger start and what item is. 

However, I have been able to put the Item of Scavenger along with Start Room Location in the post of the 2 week calendar for it.

Link for New Items where the 2 week calendar will be posted:


Then if you check the posting for the 2 Week Calendar you will see the additional info added in Bold as below (this one is showing the  10/15/17 week) :   

Mon 10/16
 -  ghost pet halloween patch 530pm
 -  scavenger hunt - ends 10/19 -------Cow Hat STARTS AT ROUND TABLE
  - Halloween cards - gift shop 830pm
 - new halloween construction set-halloween shop 830pm

Thur 10/19
    zombies invade kingdom 3pm
   HOST event 530 -630 pm
   surprise gift mr Neds 7pm
   spookey scrolls, record shop 830 pm
    scavenger hunt - ends 10/22  -- COW SHIRT starts MERLIN SQUARE

Fri 10/20