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Author Topic: Xeko Forums  (Read 11606 times)

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Xeko Forums
« on: June 21, 2012, 11:05 PM »

Hello, my passion and my future career belongs in the hands of computers. Computers play a big role in my life and the main thing is forums and website development. The age I started working with forums was the age of 12. Although I never wanted members to join I had heck of a fun time developing and working with them. As you know in 2008 the game of Elf Island joined by Liz and Craig Kronenberger. As time went by they were developing their game while a community member named Slinkyman was working on Elf Island Forums. Time went by as Elf Island was gaining and massively losing members due to interest. Slinkyman was one of them who lost interest and handed his forums down to his mother Bugdozer. Soon they shutdown due to problems with the communications between Elf Island Forums and Elf Island. Elf Island then merged and partnered up with a game called Xeko known for "TCG (The Card Game)" that dealt with the Wildlife Association helping out those animals who are endangered and troubled. Xeko is owned by the designer by the name of Amy Tucker. Soon Elf Island/Xeko shutdown due to financial problems as they had no money to help "do good" for what members accomplished what was known as "Goodquests". Its been 3 - 4 years now that Elf Island/Xeko has been closed. It was up for auction and a couple months ago a man named Michael Williams appraised Xeko and obtained it from the auction. Michael is the new CEO of Xeko and Amy Tucker is still the developer/designer. Xeko is in its Kickstart stage to collect money from community members to get the game back up and running. It just came to their attention by me a couple members that the game needs to return. I talked to Michael on the phone and he told me how he has everything from Elf Island/Xeko that means all the game files. The reason they cannot bring it up is because the game itself is very outdated and needs to be redone from scratch. The pledged total they need is $250,000 in order to start work on the game. I have created a forum called Xeko Forums - www.xekoforums.com. As I said before I talked to Michael on the phone and we declared that my forum will be "The #1 Unofficial Fansite for Xeko" in order to be "The #1 Official Fansite for Xeko" I must have a lot of members and supports for Xeko. If I succeed Xeko Forums will be supported by Xeko. I see that VMKnoBS is such a great community full of such wonderful people. What would keep me going to pursue my career is to work on features and development for the site. So the more members I get on Xeko Forums would keep me wanting to code and installing plugins for future surprises, and mandatory updates as time went by. I pay a lot of money for my domain and my server and would really love to see this happen as I would be the most happiest guy on the planet. Everything you find here at noBS will be found at Xeko. I would really appreciate once you register on the forums that you take a look around and post any ideas or suggestions you have under Site Support & Feedback. Whatever suggestion you have from forums to installations or something that you would love to see on the forums just post a thread and I will take a look. I would love to get going on making Xeko Forums more of a safe environment. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. You can reach me either here, Xeko Forums, or even email me at Miraj@xekoforums.com.

Xeko Forums Site Owner
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