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Author Topic: For anyone still interested....  (Read 14701 times)

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For anyone still interested....
« on: April 30, 2012, 07:57 PM »

I got this email this evening:

Dear Agents,
We are contacting all Xeko Agents and citizens of Elf Island! Dozers infiltrated HQ and shut Xeko and Elf Island down. Thank our Lucky Lemurs, a group of Xeko Keepers were able to preserve our critical treasures and escape with the secrets intact. After more than a year of struggling and hiding, they have reassembled and will once again be broadcasting to all agents. It is fans like you that kept the Xeko spirit alive!
Our mission is not complete. The biodiversity of the Earth must be protected. The balance must be maintained.
We are working hard to get our new systems online and bring back Xeko. With the help of our friends at Oomba, including Xeko Master Nolan - the Father of the Video Game Industry - we plan to transform Xeko into an all new online experience. Agents can once again meet from secret locations throughout the world and collect and trade their valuable Xeko knowledge. Together, we can restore the balance.
This will take some time...
Technology has evolved since Xeko went down. Bringing back the original experience would be Mission: Impossible. Therefore, we have a team of Xeko Technicians working on a new, more exciting version of the game. One that is mobile and one that is global. We'll need help testing and will tell you about an important mission that launches in two weeks.
Those of us in the Xeko family sincerely thank you for your emails and support. We could not have done this without you.
Remember: The power of Xeko resides in you and all the good that you do.
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