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Author Topic: What sports  (Read 27753 times)

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What sports
« on: April 29, 2010, 04:15 PM »


Bobo Wrote:

I dont mean to be a smart-ass, but who are these guys and will they be any good?  I cant tell you a person on the roster and have no idea whether Tom Crean can coach without Dwayne Wade on the floor.  I think I could coach a college team with Wade on it and win 25 games.

Purdue fans need the Hoosiers to rock it so the Boilers take enjoy beating their asses, instead of feeling pity for how far the program has fallen.


Eventually, IU will be good. Obviously not this year and most likely not next year either probably.500 or so. IU was caught cheating and they paid a stiff price for it and they should have. They hired a coach who was on probation for cheating so dont be surprised when he cheats again.

Coach Crean had to come in and change the culture because Coach Sampsons players did not view playing at the Div. I level in a premier conference as a privilege not to mention at a B-Ball School. He had to rid the program of that sense of entitlement prior players apparently had so he cleaned house.

Because of the late start CC had last year with recruiting, he was looking for the best available warm bodies to fill out the roster since he only had to two returning players who were little used walk-ons so last year is a wash. This year, his recruiting class was most likely overrated  because there are no players in the program who have "been there" and say what you want, that makes a big difference goes to senior leadership, or lack thereof. These guys will have to figure it out as they go. Eventually, the rivalry will be just that but not for awhile.

This is not an excuse. However, it is a fact of life that when you bring in a known cheater, you have to pay the piper and that is what is happening in Bloomington so enjoy the dominance while it lasts probably at least another year. I have to believe IU will turn it around when Tom Izzo says he Coach Crean will get it done Coach Izzo did not have to say anything. Coach Crean has chosen not to take short cuts because he is doing it the right way in rebuilding the program so he has been laying the foundation. The team and coaches dont deserve the punishment but the University does and they got exactly what they asked for.


IndyBubba Sorry it was long
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