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Author Topic: Flamanar ridethrough video  (Read 2690 times)

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Flamanar ridethrough video
« on: December 05, 2009, 05:42 PM »

These are videos of my three ride rooms.  I had to make a separate video of each.  If I put them together, it came out to about 9 minutes...which I thought was a little too long.  So I broke the one ride into its three separate rooms.

The worst part of making these ride videos is the 'ride bug'.  When a rider comes to a straight drop, their cart turns to face the northeast for the entire drop.  Once they get to the bottom, the cart returns to normal.  Other riders on the same ride don't see it happening until their OWN cart is at a straight drop.  So the 'bug' can only be seen by the person riding in the cart.  To get around this, I tried to find a closet in each room or some place for Flame to hide while Flamanette rode the ride on another tab.  In one room, since it had rockets go up and things that happened when the cart ENTERS the room, I had to time it so that Flame arrived at the room a hair before .It appeared riding the cart on the other tab. 
It was............................................................................ ..........a nightmare.  :bm:

The first room I made just to have alot of color.  Kindof a garden with topiaries and colored eggs.  Just a pretty room.

The second room.  LOL.  I wanted to make a 2-story ride...but have it so there was nothing attaching the top level to the bottom...I wanted it to 'float'...and I wanted the bottom to mirror the shape of the top.  It turned into a kind of 'cafe' when I added the table/chair sets.  Reminded me of the Mexico ride in Epcot where people can eat and watch people riding the ride.  It ended up looking a little like a face, so I put two gold eggs in there for eyes.  LOL.  There is a bit of an optical illusion with the 2 'step' sections.

The third room is the 'Flame room'.  It was a nightmare, but I taught myself how to build using the lego blocks.  The wall 'fell' once or twice, and I ended up having to move the wall about 3-4 times because the grid moved and everything had to be shifted...yet I wanted the wall centered.  Sigh.  Another nightmare.  Originally the ride part was just a walkway.  I decided to convert it into a ride room and wanted to do flashy things as an ending to my ride, so I added the effects that go off as you enter.  I also had little space to work with as far as the ride track, so I made a little 'out and back' type of turn in the middle that also went up and down.   Turned out ok.  Lag is REALLY bad in the room, though.  To compensate, I doubled the video speed in Movie Maker.  Made it move at a more 'normal' speed ;)

This entire ride was the first ride I ever built.  I never had credits on VMK to buy ride parts, so this was my first time.  I'm happy with the way it turned out.  Enjoy :)


"Flamanar Ridethrough room 1"

"Flamanar Ridethrough room 2"

"Flamanar Ridethrough room 3"
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