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Author Topic: Gaia Spirit Week July 5th - July 11th  (Read 2957 times)

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Gaia Spirit Week July 5th - July 11th
« on: July 04, 2009, 09:12 PM »

For those of us who are still playing Gaia, it's time for Spirit week again!

here's the link to the main Spirit Week thread : http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-community-projects/gaia-spirit-week-july-5-11-happy-grayscale-day/t.49133115_1/

July 5th - Grayscale Day

To balance out all the rainbows we expect at the end of the week, we're starting off the week with an utter lack of color. White, black, and every shade of gray in between are a go, but there can be no colors! We'll understand if you don't want to change your hairstyle, but for one day, stay away from your green body dye or rainbow toe socks. We want to pretend we're in an old school, black and white movie, alright? Let the grays abound.

July 6th - Animal Day

Grunnies, Cocos, Langers, and any of dozens more. For today, equip as many critters and/or plushies as you possibly can. Bring the entire posse out to play. Celebrity Date and any other similar item, such as various EI poses that allow you to equip a person as an accessory, do not count as animals!

July 7th - Holi-day

Everyone likes holidays. They usually mean good food, a day or more off of school, and sometimes presents or candy. No one can argue with that. But everyone has their own favorite holiday, right? So, pick yours, and make a costume for it. Love Easter? Dress up like a pastel bunny. More of a Halloween person? Wear black and orange. Do whatever you want in the spirit of any holiday you please, but try to make it recognizable.

July 8th - Bondage Day

As our answer to last year's Whore Day, we have decided on Bondage Day. Leather, tight pants, straps, corsets, whips. Luckily for us, Gaia's edgy tendencies have provided us with plenty of opportunities to succeed, even creating items like Alruna's Rose. Remember those Celebrity Date items we disallowed for Animal Day? Now's the time to use them, if you so desire. Make us shiver, Gaians.

July 9th - Twin Day

The hallmark of high school Spirit Weeks everywhere, Gaia Spirit Week is introducing Twin Day. Or more-than-twin day. Dress identically to someone else, or multiple someone elses. This can go as far as the same skin and hairstyle, or can mimic the poor job of matching most high school friends do. Don't have any Gaian friends to match up with? Just ask on the board! We're sure you'll find a willing volunteer.

July 10th - Formal Day

This one speaks for itself. Bust out the old tux and the fancy dresses. We want to see you looking your very finest, Gaia. And hey, as an added benefit the Gaian Ball is coming up, and you'll already have your costume planned!

July 11th - Class Color Day

Each year (2003, 2004, etc.) has been assigned a specific color. On this day, your dress your avatar up according to the color of the year you joined. For example, if you joined in April of 2006, and the list says 2006's color is green, put green clothes on your avatar. Get it? Got it? Good. The colors this year will be the same as last, for those of you who participated before, with the addition of pink for the newbies. Have at it!
You may be wondering, how do I know what year I joined? Well, if you don't have a customized profile, it will tell you the join date somewhere on there. If you do, you can just turn it off for a moment to check. If you'd rather not go that route whatsoever, on the MyGaia page there's a bit that says 'Gaia Age'. Just divide that by 365, and BAM. There's the year you joined. :] What if you had an account before this, but it got hacked or banned or some such? No problem. Just dress up in the year you joined Gaia, not the year your account was created.

o3 - Red
o4 - Orange
o5 - Yellow
o6 - Green
o7 - Blue
o8 - Purple
o9 - Pink
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