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Author Topic: Buildabearville beta?  (Read 5538 times)

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Buildabearville beta?
« on: February 05, 2009, 01:07 PM »

not sure if this has been mentioned before so fooey if it has :tongue3:

Ok, so Fee and I finally gave in and had some fun in the Build a bear in downtown Disney (DLR) on our half-aversary on monday, whilst being silly and making our bunny stitch (they have a stitch outfit for bears :dance2:), we noticed that when you create your huggable little mite that they have opened an online game called buildabearville

it's kind of cutesy kiddie safe, i.e it has pre-programmed chat phrases at the moment, not sure when that will change to open chat, and of course theres the option to turn off chat totally. theres a few quests and a ton of games, they also have it so when you buy things from Build a Bear stores you can redeem either an item or BB bills/credits and whenever you buy a bear from build a bear the birth certificate has a key code that you enter in game to bring your furry little friend into the game, not sure how many you can bring into the game but you can only have one in your backpack/out in your home at one time.

here's a few pics

part of the map, nice and easy to find your way around

Paw park where you can fish up things to sell back for BB Bills

my kooky cub condo

and yes I am dressed as a hula girl hehe, most clothes can be bought with BB Bills but a lot of the full outfits for you and your bear require credits from turning in codes from Build a Bear till receipts

it's still in beta so occasionally things go a bit haywire and you end up on the dreaded black screen of doom, but overall it's a nice game that could have some potential if you like to spend money at build a bear I guess

names are a bit arg in my mind, they have preset names that you can jumble up to make your own but to be honest it's a little confusing seeing blahblahcutesybear58 etc, either way it's a cute distraction kind of game :lolg:


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Re: Buildabearville beta?
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2009, 02:46 PM »

Thanks for posting Boo. 

Yep, count me in the group that has tried this game as well.  Months ago though.  It is cute.  Although I admit, I haven't really played much at all.
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