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Author Topic: Disney's Forgotten Online Market, Adults  (Read 24433 times)

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Disney's Forgotten Online Market, Adults
« on: March 10, 2007, 07:30 AM »

Why do so many of us adults spend so much time in an online world that forces us to behave like 14 year olds?

Because we dig the Disney experience for whatever reason, and because DIsney has nothing else.  It seems like Disney's online presence is simply geared to snare/infect the younger generation with the Disney Lust Syndrome (DLS, its a technical term, you have it, get to know it!  :)  ), while providing us 20+ adults with online marketing material detailing the various ways we pay for short term fixes for our condition (DLS again).

I am not bad mouthing Disney; actually I am proud of my DLS (most of the time).  My wife doesn't always appreciate my Mickey Mouse comforter, shower curtain, golf shirts, glassware, antenna topper, towels, boxers.. (well you get the idea), but the kids and I do! 

It's just that I want what is causing many of us to slide into Second Life, from Disney.  I want an adult community like VMKnoBS, from Disney.  Because it would be great!!

Check out this link!! Play the included video.  http://www.psfk.com/2007/03/sony_launches_v.html

Now imagine if Disney marketed an online social networking world to 20+.  I would pay to be a member!! Sure it will be difficult, but they figured out how to keep kids safe in VMK?  Heck I was in Disney Paris, and caught a guy peeing (yes I said that) on the peter pan attraction, out in the open in fantasyland, it didn't change my loyalties toward Disney one bit.  There is always a way!

So is it just that there is no money in it?  No long term benefit like VMK (snaring them young)?  Or are they afraid that we will all stay home, glued to our monitors?



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Re: Disney's Forgotten Online Market, Adults
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2007, 11:26 AM »

Excellent points Bellboy! 

Thank you for providing a term that so precisely describes my relationship with Disney, DLS!  :thumbs:

While I do enjoy interacting with the kids, as much as the adults.. I still managed to be part of that determanitive conversation almost a year ago.. that brought VMKnoBS into reality.  An adult community that while not being X-rated, still could offer what no 'family' oriented forum could.

Also very true, SL 'puts me off a bit' simply for it's much higher level of 'geeky' knowledge that is definitely a plus in the game - of which I have none!

That article and video do look inviting, even including "non-geek" simplistic menus.

Now, how to get Disney to see the potential value of something similar.  (Ah! A project to get the ancient duck brain, thouroughly infected with DLS, to stir the pot..)
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