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Author Topic: Charity sale in SL -- good deals -- and an offer to the new players  (Read 23567 times)

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I found out about a charity sale that the owner of Simone's is running for the next few days. Simone's is one of the higher end fashion stores in SL.

There's some really nice clothing there from Simone's at L$100 (down significantly from their usual, I think, but you might want to check), as well as other designers. There's casual and formal clothes, ballgowns, shoes, hair, other stuff.

Another VMKnoBS'er visited the landmark I sent her, and the response after she checked it out was rather brief: "Woot!" -- I believe that a more lengthy reply was not possible, because her arms were full of purchases.

For the newest players who've only been around for a week or two, let me know and I'll gift you each an outfit. I can't purchase it and give it to you, because these items tend to be no transfer. Besides, I have no sense of style, and you might not appreciate the chartreuse and plaid miniskirt with pom-poms that I would give you.

The location is: Useful Technology (128,128,0), or you could do a Search for "Virtual Angels"


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Re: Charity sale in SL -- good deals -- and an offer to the new players
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2007, 07:35 AM »

Awwww Be, you're so nice to offer!!  I went to the sale yesterday and WOW so much stuff.  I didn't even buy anything because it was so much to take in, but some great things there.
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