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Author Topic: Membership Plans  (Read 28529 times)

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Re: Membership Plans
« Reply #17 on: November 10, 2008, 08:09 AM »

The best thing about elf island is seeing so many of my friends all in one spot. Nice family reunion :) Not sure how much time I will invest in Elf. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from disney. So have not really attached myself to any social game. Exception Wizards which can be solo or social.

This game reminds me of a much older age Webkinz. I do play webkinz but not sure I would invest lots of time in this game. I think the graphics are wonderfully done. Bright and colourful. But my avatar looks pale and need more movements. I feel like I am a VMK flat moving around a 3-D set.

I look forward to learning about the quest because I love quests. But am torn because VFK has come such a long way and seems to meet more of my building needs. It is the lag that is the issue for me. Which they said flash 10 should solve once the bugs are out of it.

But I do not spend much time on there either.

The price is reasonable and I could see myself signing up. On a month by month basic to see how it is going.

I sure hope we can build like other places because that could be the deciding factor. Also a family plan would be very important. Another depends on what tribe I get in not sure how that will work. I would like more team games because playing arcade games by yourself can become very boring.

Maybe they could have a room that you buy just to build in. So that you have the option.

Well time will tell :)
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Re: Membership Plans
« Reply #18 on: November 10, 2008, 08:20 AM »

I had decided long ago, that my "goal" with a game, was to be able to be with my friends I made over the 3 years of VMK.  I had the full 150, and always a waiting list, since about four months into the game.  There were always at least 20 online at any given time.

To that end, I have no interest in how any avatar looks, just let me be with my friends.

When I used to try to play VFK, it was very disappointing to almost never see any friends logged on.  (I still have a lot of friends I never did find on VFK.. very difficult to "run into them".)   I have to "wait" for early closing, to hope to find more than one or two.  As I am not proficient at their games, the only draw for me is their quests.. though they are wickedly lame and offer no challenge.

SmallWorlds made it easy to find friends, they have been the best for that.  I do enjoy their games, and the missions have both lame and challenge.  Building is fun, exploring even more so.  I have found that in exploring, I have even made new friends, and there is almost always a few friends on.  Chinese checkers, while being "old school", provided the best party with old friends I ever had, since VMK closed.  It helped that there were bugs in the game, and a very friendly staff member who was so willing to join right in. 

Pixie Hollow, with planned meets, was great to find friends.  However, now that I collected everything I could, earned every badge.. and cannot participate in shopping without being a member.. there isn't much to do until more challenges come out.  So friends are few and far between as well.

EI has only just barely opened its shores.  By the way they handled allowing VMKers to pre-register first, and bring them onto the island first, has made it easy to find friends.. although there are a lot more I hope to hook up with.  I do like the single player games, and look forward to competitions in "tribes" as being similar to the team competitions in VMK.  I don't much care for the "sticker items" for our houses,  but they are amusing and very imaginative.  They have also shown in their Field Guide, that there will be things to collect.  So, solo and team games, collections, quests after a fashion with team competitions.. so far.. I can live with that.

EI has been VERY responsive and quick to listen and fix things.. VFK could use a lesson from them.

So.. my bottom line being friends.. says at the moment.. if I had money to pay.. it would be between SW and EI.

But I want to see more of EI first.. more friends, more of what they say is coming, and more info on the differences between paid/free memberships.
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Re: Membership Plans
« Reply #19 on: November 10, 2008, 09:41 AM »

Paying for the current version of Elf Island I would have to pass on, however it is early still and one can hope for a lot to change in the future. I truly miss the type of building we could do in VMK, and here we seem to only be able to place items. Now this is cute, but really not much of a challenge to me. I also pay for POTC ($9.95) a month for Boo and I, and we very rarely play anymore, if ever. Also we both play World of Warcraft and pay $14.95 x 2 a month. To really want to pay for Elf Island as well, will take a lot of changes to their game to peak my interest. That being said........Let us hope they improve this really fun little game. :)

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Re: Membership Plans
« Reply #20 on: November 10, 2008, 08:07 PM »

Wow, great responses.  I guess we all do have different criteria by which we make our gaming decisions. I just know I miss so many aspects of VMK. And, so far I haven't found "that perfect spot". As U2 said, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for...".   :unsure:


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Re: Membership Plans
« Reply #21 on: November 19, 2008, 08:58 AM »

I'm very much happy with EI and look forward to the extended hours.  As many have said too, I'm very happy with how they're responding to us with our suggestions and ideas.  Having well at least some of the old staff back is great, wish they all could have come, but am happy with who is there.  I will most likely pay for this, maybe start month to month, but could see myself paying for a year. 

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