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Author Topic: 11/4 Features of EI  (Read 1447 times)

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11/4 Features of EI
« on: November 04, 2008, 12:23 PM »

Ahoy, and congratulations to those who were granted a ticket to our first boat headed for Elf Island!

                 November 4th, 2008                                     

   For those of you who didn’t find your user name on the first boat, don’t worry, we have your user name and plan to announce the different boat launches and the dates the boats leave throughout the next two weeks.
 Here are the features you should expect to see and explore:
o    Elves running, jumping, flying, sitting and rolling.
o    Fun interactive environments - like a volcano, a marsh, and more.
o    Hidden passageways that lead to mini-games.
o    Thousands of different elf clothes and personalization combos.
o    Inhabit a cool home, like a Pirate Ship or a Music Box.
o    Invite other elves to visit your personalized home.
o    Read our multimedia Newspaper – The Tide.
o    Spot some of our roaming hybrid animals.
o    Buy, trade and gift items purchased in the Marketplace.
o    Chat with elves through our chat-safe inclusive dictionary.
o    Establish your elf buddies and meet them throughout the Island.
o    Share your emotions through tiki-head emoticons.

 What does Elf Island Closed Beta mean?

Elf Island is at the final stage where all the fantastic virtual features are actively being tested for technical bugs. If you notice that something is not working or you receive an error message while playing within Elf Island, we ask that you report the issue by clicking on our Moderator button which is, the “M,” located at the top right of every screen. We thank you in advance for remaining patient and forgiving. Remember, you are making Elf Island the best virtual world for kids around the world.

 Setting Expectations

First and foremost, you and your child’s online safety is our #1 priority. Elf Island’s safety features are in place. That means that our chat is in working order and our moderators are in place.
As more and more boats dock Elf Island, we plan to add more and more fun features! This means more mini-games, more items to buy, sell or trade, secret passageways to explore, our house-building GoodQuest,™ and lots of other fun goodies.
 Islanders, thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm! We are committed to creating a fun place for kids that enables them to give back, by influencing communities and environments, all through the fun and entertaining world of Elf Island. Get excited, we’re one step closer to sharing Elf Island with the world.

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Re: New Blog 11/4
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2008, 01:26 PM »

Although I made the list for boat 1, I am having registration issues. "Email does not match" I have all the account info eeded, except email.
I've tried 4 different emails...none seem to work.

Have fun! Hope to see you sometime. 

It is email in both fields...not name and email.
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