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Author Topic: Looking for Green Explorer Shorts  (Read 11630 times)

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Looking for Green Explorer Shorts
« on: March 27, 2008, 06:47 AM »

I am looking to trade 3 firewalls and a pirate Q couch for these lovely shorts.
Just a note :: I will not be on this forum very often. I mainly use a different forum, but I am able to get access to this one from school unlike most forums, so this will be my in-school forum.
If you'd like to do this trade, please let me know asap or tell me what you would like me to add in order for you to take it.
I have lots of magic, although some has been or is in the process of being traded.
Also look me up in the kingdom. I'm usually on [ unless grounded, teehee <3 ] after 3 pm eastern time and on and off after that. My VMK name is :: Kelsea.Nicole  :love2:
Thanks for looking <3
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