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Author Topic: Any Extra Pirate Poles And Bombardment Pins?  (Read 11651 times)

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Any Extra Pirate Poles And Bombardment Pins?
« on: March 02, 2008, 07:39 AM »

Well I Missed It Yesterday Because I Was Feeling Real Bad.
I Started Getting A Real Bad Headache So I Had To Give Up For The Day.
On The Fact Of That The Headache Did Not Go Away Until Like Now.
So I Was Wondering If Anyone Had Any Extra Pirate Posts (Saturday's Ride-A-Thon Prize) And 3x Bombardment Pins For Trade.

I Don't Have Much But I Have Some Stuff For Trade.
**If Not Any Of This We Could Do A Switch.
Some Of Saturday's Ride-A-Thon Prizes For Sunday's.
Basically What I Mean Is I Ride Sunday And We Trade My Sunday Pieces For Your Saturday Pieces.**


1x Green Cactus Chair *Not Sea*
1x Red Penny Press
4x Baseball Benches
2x Red Mints
2x Green Mints
2x Green Stand Up Mints
2x Gingerbread Blocks
1x Lightcycle Couch Yellow
2x Skeleton At Helm
1x Explorer's Suitcase Sofa
1x Mickey Tv
1x Mickey Christmas Tree
1x HSM Piano
2x Candy Lollipop Flower Green
3x Gumdrop Chair Yellow
2x Candy Lollipop Flower Red
1x Unused Red Surprise Gift
1x Red Candy Cane
2x Mickey White Ghost
2x Orange Crates
1x Halloween Candy Corn Chair
1x Halloween Bat Bag
1x Well Chair
2x Ice Cubes
2x Blue Royal Thrones
1x Chocolate Bar Carpet

1x 2007 Holiday Ornament Goofy Pin
1x Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Pin
2x Casey Jr. Pins
2x Fab 5 Fall Leaves Donald Pin
1x Fab 5 Fall Leaves Pluto Pin
1x Hannah Montana Gold Microphone Pin
1x Vmk Bowl 2008 Pin *Football Pin*
1x Vmk 2nd Birthday Pin
1x Turkey Leg Pin

1x Fourth Of July Hat
1x Blue Baby Doll Shirt
1x Flip Hat
1x Ref Hat
1x Football Shoes
1x Holiday Hat Red
1x Herbie Helmet
1x Party Hat Teal
1x Green Mission Space Shoes
2x Blue Princess Tops
1x Blue Princess Shoes
1x Orange Bling Shirt
1x Green Bling Shirt
1x Blue Bling Shirt
1x Feather Mask *Mardi Gras mask*

Well Thank You For At Least Looking.
Hopefully Someone Has Extra To Trade.
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