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Author Topic: Looking For Credits!!  (Read 12015 times)

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Looking For Credits!!
« on: February 25, 2008, 07:37 PM »

red means the current offer for the item

1 x Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Color Purple
2 x Bamboo Floor Color Blue
1 x Chernabog Carpet
1 x Chocolate Bar Carpet
2 x Disneyland Retro Penny Press Color Red
1 x Everest Chair
1 x Everest Ride Cart
1 x Gumdrop Chair Red
1 x Halloween Mickey Ghost White
1 x Halloween Pumpkin Bag
1 x Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair Blue
6 x Ice Cube Chair
1 x Magic Show Tophat Chair Gold
1 x PhilharMagic Chair Color Gold Edition
3 x Pirate Map Table
1 x Pirate Maze Turret
10 x Pirate Throne Color Black
2 x Pirate Throne Color Blue
3 x Pirate Throne Color Green
4 x Pirate Throne Color Purple
2 x Pirate Throne Color Red
1 x Rocketship Couch Color Magenta
1 x Royal Throne Blue
1 x Skeleton Chair
1 x Spectator Bench
1 x Spider Web Wall divider
1 x Stack Of Presents
31 x Terabithia Treehouse Chair
1 x Toy Soldier Green - lead offer is 7k on another site

1 x 2007 Holiday Ornament Pluto Pin
1 x Casey Jr. Pin
1 x Fireworks Remixed Gold Pin
1 x Hina Tiki Pin
1 x Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Pin 2
2 x Hong Kong Disneyland Pin
1 x Koro Tiki Pin
3 x Presidents Day Quest Pin
2 x VMK Bowl 2008 Pin
1 x WDW Animal Kingdom Lodge

1 x 4th Of July Hat
2 x Baseball Cap Reversed (Flip Hat)
1 x Cowboy Hat
1 x Cowboy Shirt With Vest Brown
1 x Cowboy Shirt With Vest Red
4 x Explorer's Boots
3 x Explorer's Jacket Khaki
2 x Explorer's Jacket With Camera Khaki
3 x Explorer's Shorts Khaki
1 x Football Helmet Teal
1 x Football Player Pants Teal
1 x Football Player Shirt Teal
1 x Football Referee Hat
1 x Football Referee Pants
1 x Football Referee Shirt
1 x Football Shoes
1 x Native American Boots (Cowboy Boots)
2 x Party Hat Teal
2 x Pirate Hat
1 x Superhero Mask
1 x Superhero Pants Green
1 x Superhero Shirt Green
1 x Superhero Shoes

just looking for credit! offer away:)
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Re: Looking For Credits!!
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2008, 09:57 PM »

still looking for these credits!!
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