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Author Topic: October 20, 2011 **Zombie Virus *** Must Read***  (Read 10509 times)

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October 20, 2011 **Zombie Virus *** Must Read***
« on: October 19, 2011, 04:27 PM »

I haven't posted here much but this is too funny.  Just had to post it.  
Here is the link that has the pics.

DANGER: Zombie Virus
October 20, 2011 9:14 AM

Dear citizens, I have frightening news. The current threat has just been identified. All the dreadful mayhem we've seen recently has been caused by zombies, and I must confirm that a zombie virus is now running rampant through SmallWorlds.

Virus Extremely Contagious

The zombie virus is extremely contagious. If you get too close to a zombie, YOU WILL BE INFECTED. So be vigilant and keep your distance.

Breakthrough Cure Available!

Thankfully, doctors at the SmallWorlds Hospital have managed to find a cure for the virus. This cure is permanent and can not be reversed. It works whether or not you have already been turned into a zombie - providing a cure if you are already a zombie, and total immunity if you are not.

If you would like protection, please make your way to SmallWorlds Hospital. The cure will be administered when you get in one of the beds and say "Help Me". The cure is irreversible, and once your avatar has had the cure, that avatar will not be able to be re-infected. The cure will not affect other avatars on the same account - they can still be infected.

I can't imagine why anyone would choose to remain as one of the living dead, but if you do wish to remain a zombie then please DO NOT get into any of the beds at the SmallWorlds Hospital.

Virus Infection Counter

In order to try and help us track of how quickly the virus is spreading, we have installed a special Virus Infection Counter.  If you are a Zombie then you are highly contagious.  Every time you get near someone, you will infect them. Each time you pass on the Zombie Virus, the counter will show a running total of how many avatars you have infected.

Please note that this counter will only keep an accurate count of how many innocent souls you've infected if you play on a single computer. Changing computers will mean you will not get an accurate count.

How Dangerous Are You?

We would like to request that the most dangerous zombies report your "Infection Totals" on this forum thread. Simply take a screenshot of your alert when you infect someone, and post it on the thread. Who are the most contagious zombies in SmallWorlds?  Join in and help us to find out!

Will you be the Last Human Alive?

As we've all heard, zombie populations grow extremely quickly, and I'm sure that this one will be no exception. As horrible as this sounds, I'm sure that 'fresh meat' for infection will soon be in short supply. Will you be the last (uncured) human left alive?

There is only one way to guarantee your safety. Stay in your home space and change your security settings (click the wrench) so that your space is locked. It's lonely, but it's safe.

If you are in a public space and see someone looking or acting suspicious, my advice would be to keep away. If you see anyone moving quickly towards you, teleport out of that space immediately.

Limited Virus Life

SmallWorlds doctors have managed to identify that the Zombie Virus has a limited life and will die out just after the end of October. If you are unlucky enough to be infected, you'll only be one of the living dead for a maximum of two weeks. Due to decreased brain activity, I understand that the time will actually pass quite quickly.

Almost Nowhere is Safe

There are a few spaces where I understand you will be immune from infection, for example Rachel's Tea Rooms or the Information Hub. In most other places, humans will be zombie targets!

Beware Storekeeper Shelley!

I am very sorry to have to tell you that Shelley, the avadroid in charge of Smallwear, is suspected to be 'Patient Zero' - one of the very first to be infected. Our medical staff battled for days to either cure or contain her, but she gave them the slip and is now rampaging unchecked through SmallWorlds infecting everyone she encounters. We're asking all citizens to be vigilant, and if you spot Shelley, under no circumstances should you approach her.

Practice Extreme Vigilance

I've come to accept that SmallWorlds is going to be a very frightening place to be for the remainder of October. It is a relief to know that the virus has a limited life-span, and that there is a cure available right now.

It's certainly a much scarier Halloween that I ever imagined. Stay safe, citizens!

~ Kent Kronkite

I just think this is so cool how one player can "infect another".  
Again, once you remove the zombie virus look, you can not get it back.
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Re: October 20, 2011 **Zombie Virus *** Must Read***
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2011, 08:54 PM »

princess saw this today and went immediately to the hospital to get the vaccine!!!!!  :drshot:  :laugh2:


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Re: October 20, 2011 **Zombie Virus *** Must Read***
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2011, 10:14 PM »

More info just posted tonight:

VIP members can now reverse the Zombie Cure. One quick visit to the new Cure Removal Clinic, and our VIP club members can once more have the fun of being infected with the virus (or running away and trying to stay human as long as possible)!

Today we've also opened the Happy Halloween shop, so rush in for your amazing Tesla coil today. You'll need at least one Tesla coil to craft the amazing Frankie Lightning and Azura Lovely wearables now available on the Advanced Crafting Table!


Halloween Store, Wearables, and More Zombie Fun!

October 21, 2011 11:29 PM

Citizens, I have happy news for those who may have got cured against the zombie virus, and now wish they hadn't.  VIPs can now reverse the Zombie Cure. And the Halloween store is now open for all your seasonal needs!

Zombie Cure Removal

If you've been cured and you want to remove the cure so you have the chance to get infected with the zombie virus, visit the Cure Removal Clinic. A simple jab of the anti-vaccine and you'll be vulnerable to infection again... but you may need to run for your life when you leave!

The space is open to VIP Club Members only.  If you're VIP, you can get cured and 'un-cured' as many times as you wish, for maximum zombie fun!

Happy Halloween Store Now Open

In the Happy Halloween Store you'll find some old favorites on sale, and in addition we've got something really fantastic: A Tesla Coil which you can craft into one of two amazing wearable heads!

This year we've also got a large cobweb available for purchase, and this will be a permanently available item. After Halloween we'll move the cobweb into Dungeon of Deals, so you'll be able to get it all year around.

The Tesla Coil: A Mad Scientist's Dream Come True!

Once you activate the amazing Tesla Coil, you'll see the strong electric current arcing and you'll hear the crackling sound of all that energy.  Now all that's left for you to do is to work out just how you're going to harness it to take over the world..... mwahahaha!

This amazing item is seasonal, and will only be available for sale over the Halloween season. It's so unique, make sure you get yours while you can.

In fact, when I tell you that it's also a vital ingredient in being able to craft something truly fantastic for Halloween, I know you're going to want more than one!

Craft Your Own Frankie Lightning and Azura Lovely

These wonderful wearable heads are now available to craft, just in time for Halloween!

To craft either Frankie Lightning or Azura Lovely, you'll need to be a Level 90 Crafter. Then just combine a Tesla Coil with a Knights Helmet on the Advanced Crafting Table. Male avatars will craft Frankie and female avatars will craft Azura.

I can just picture the scene now... a Mad Doctor standing in the laboratory next to his Tesla Coil. Frankie and Azura avadroid assistants stand by. There are cobwebs everywhere. Ooooo it gives me the shivers just thinking about what they might be creating!

Seasonal Items for Sale

We've got some really creepy looking seasonal items for sale in the Happy Halloween space. You'll find terrifying skull balloons, the very popular brain on a plate, a dead rubber plant and bones on a path.

With the Zombie Virus running rampant in SmallWorlds, I'd strongly advise you to stock up on plenty of brains to offer zombies who come your way... or if you've been unfortunate enough to have been infected already, you'll may even find them rather to your taste!

If you just love decorating Halloween-themed spaces, you'll be very pleased to hear about these two competitions both of which are finishing at 11.59pm(SWT) 31st October. for space decorators, we've got the Best Haunted House featured space competition, and for Movie directors, you can create and enter your short scary film in the Fright Nite Film Festival. All these new seasonal items are just perfect for both competitions!.

Stay Safe this Halloween!

Don't forget to activate the Halloween theme in your space so you can enjoy all the fantastic scary item swaps. When you're in your space click the spanner in the info toolbar, then click Space Settings / Theme.

The Zombie Hoards are growing in number by the day - it's without doubt the most scary Halloween I've ever experienced. Kent wondered if the Tesla Coil might come in useful to somehow zap any Zombies who get too close? I've installed one in my space just in case he's right.  The question however on my mind is this: if I'm wearing my Frankenstein head, will the Zombies leave me alone??

~ Honesty Blaize


You say I am a wench, like it's a bad thing!

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